Digital Distribution

Bitterpill Music is a Digital Label. This means that we sell our Digital Releases through our distribution network that includes a wide range of Digital Stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and music and video Streaming Services such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and Dailymotion.

“How does it works?”

Easy: we listen to your music and, if we like it, we’ll send you our Label Contract. If you agree with all the contract terms, our staff will plan a meeting with the band. Further steps will be detailed during that meeting!

“What about physical distribution?”

We don’t provide physical distribution, but we let bands print their own CDs to be sold during gigs.

“The album is finished, can we have it on iTunes tomorrow?”

Nope. It takes few weeks to upload files on digital stores…anyway, are you sure you don’t need a communication plan?

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Press Office

Bound to Digital Distribution, we provide a Press Office Service to support albums and band promotion.

“Ok, here’s the album. Make me a rock star!”

Ehm…no. It takes time to let a band come out from the ‘unknown’ status. Rome wasn’t built in a day and, if you think you’re better than Rome, well…we are not the right team for you!

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Band’s public image is important as much as its music. A professional photoshoot is necessary if you wanna make a good impression to your potential fans, magazines, webzines and so on.

Bitterpill Music provides this service if you want to improve your image.

“No, we don’t need a professional photoshoot, we have an iPhone! We just need a pic with a strange filter on it!”

Ok, simple, this is not the attitude we are looking for.

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Music Video

Do you need a Professional Music Video?

Our team can realize great music videos! We provide storyboard, actors, location, logistic service and so on!

“I’ve made a music video with my smartphone, can we upload it?”

Really…smartphones are only cool for selfies!

“In my video I want a megarobot, a human torch and a cartoon character annndd…Yes! The Universe that collapses!”

No problem for us, but it will cost a lot of money. By the way, we can suggest you cheaper but effective solutions!

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Graphic Design

Do you need an Artwork for your album or a Professional Logo for your band?

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We don’t provide a real booking service, but we organize Bitterpill Music Fests usually once per month.

So we are always searching for new good bands.

Contact us on Facebook and we will add you to our live roster!

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